Shopping Challenge: Weekend in Santa Cruz

Shopping Challenge: Weekend in Santa Cruz

For my mom’s birthday this year, the family has rented a beach house called the “Sea Angel” in Santa Cruz for the weekend. A couple of days on Seabright Beach will be so nice. I can even work on my tan (ha!) for the Hayfork wedding the next weekend. I know I’m packing two bikinis…what else should I bring?

  • Black linen tunic – Perfect “hippie modern” when worn over jeans with a big belt.
  • Light blue boatneck tee – Exactly like this one but purchased in Buenos Aires for $3.
  • Canvas slacks – Pants! But for the beach!
  • White pleated skirt – Knee length from Zaras in Argentina.
  • Dark blue polo shirt – How very prep.
  • Seersucker pants – These would either be delightful or a complete disaster. Hard to tell.
  • Nantucket rope bracelet – Because Santa Cruz is the Nantucket of the west?
  • Sunless tanner and sunblock – Lots of it.
  • Ribbon belt – These belts are prefect preppy must-have.
  • Sunglasses – The bigger the better.
  • Books and Magazines – It’s not a beach weekend if you don’t come home with a two pound, sand-logged New Yorker.

I wish it were June already!

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  1. Fanboy at 10:36 pm

    Jeans and a pullover. It’s Santa Cruz. Lesbian chic is in so it will work anywhere