Weekend Update: Imagine

Weekend Update: Imagine

Remember when you were a kid and you would imagine adulthood as one long string of eating ice cream, staying up late, hanging out with friends and doing whatever you wanted? This weekend was pretty much exactly like that!

On Friday, we camped out at home to watch the Olympic opener. But not before opening a bottle of champagne with our new saber. I loved the opening show, so amazing! Margaret came over about halfway through, just in time to catch the parade of bad uniform designs (winners: Finland, Israel, Italy. Losers: Hungary, pretty much everyone else, including the US in those asexual, ill-fitting linen trousers. What was Ralph thinking?). To bed around midnight.

Up on Saturday at 9:45 after a long night of restful sleep. Breakfast and more Olympics (volleyball). A quick run downtown to shop for iphone accessories. Back at home, Matt came over around 1:00 and we had a jam session until I had to dress and leave for my shower (gray tights, rose satin skirt, black sweater, black shoes).

Across town with Margaret for the shower at 3:30. I was so honored that friends from all over California had made their way to the city for this party! Nicole and Amber were great hostesses. We ate little sandwiches, drank champagne, opened gifts and cooed at Molly’s adorable baby. The party ended around 6:30 and the boys returned at 8:00 for a Vietnamese dinner reservation down Polk Street. More catching up and laughing. Back home in a cab loaded with gifts.

Another delicious sleep-in on Sunday morning. Coffee and more Olympics (basketball). At 12:30, we met Rob’s Duboce Triangle NERT team at the N-Train for a baseball game. It was blazing hot (80’s) and sunny, so different from the day before! Ice cream and lemonade saved us from completely melting. I ran into Meg from A Practical Wedding and we chatted about planing while cheering on our team vs the Dodgers. Amazingly, we beat the tough LA rival and I didn’t get sunburned. A perfect way to end our time at the ballpark.

Back at home by train, Rob rested briefly and I wrote thank you notes. I called my dad to wish him a happy birthday! At 6:30, we drove to Burlingame to pick up Margaret and to San Mateo for the county fair. We ate BBQ, browsed 4-H crafts, conversed with goats, guessed the weight of a cow and rode the Tornado. Rob even won a stuffed Curious George at a BB gun game. It reminded me so much of being at the Mid State Fair back at home and was a ton of fun!

Back at (our now very messy) home after 10:00. Some blogging and a few more Olympics. To bed late. Heartburn from all my terrible ballpark and fair food kept me up.

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  1. Katie at 4:20 pm

    Isreal had my favorite ensambles for the opening ceremonies.

    Ours were really boring.

  2. amber at 4:52 pm

    fun weekend! I’m slightly jealous of all the sleeping in activity, unheard of at our house.