Weekend Round-Up: Hello Holidays!

Weekend Round-Up: Hello Holidays!

Another gorgeous weekend in the city! Rob had to go to work on Saturday morning so I spent some time cleaning the house, visiting the library and running errands. It seemed like every victorian in our neighborhood was being decorated with wreaths and garlands. You could almost hear the silver bells.

When Rob came home at noon, we walked down to the Delancey Street lot on Market Street to pick out our Christmas tree.

We asked one of the enthusiastic helpers to find us a 7 foot tree from the latest shipment, still wrapped up with twine. Our super fresh Oregonian tree traveled home six blocks on a trolley (There is a certain distinctly urban pleasure in knowing that nearly everything in your home was carried there by hand!):

Later that evening, Rob and I took a bus ride out to Matt and Amber’s apartment next to the crooked part of Lombard Street. We walked down to this fantastic sushi place and had a dinner of delicious rolls, nigori sake and mochi ice cream. After watching a movie at their apartment, Rob and I took the late bus full of waiters and college students back home in record time.

I stayed in bed Sunday morning reading. Is there anything more glorious than being able to be in bed with a book and a cup of coffee? Eventually, it was too sunny and nice out to stay in bed any longer. It was time for archery! Rob and I drove out to the end of Golden Gate park for a round of shooting with our hilarious burlap small animal target:

After bagging a few hypothetical badgers, I came back home to finish my book from that morning: Rats, by Robert Sullivan. Rob’s college friend, Ikon, called and we invited her over for Sunday dinner and tree decoration at 6:30. I made bruschetta, spaghetti with turkey sausage, green salad and cheesecake with fresh raspberries. It was so fun to catch up with Ikon’s life since she moved from New York to San Diego. After dinner, she helped us decorate our lovely little tree and its topiary cousin:

I love having people over for dinner! Altogether, it was a perfect, relaxing weekend to kick off the holidays! A busy week lays ahead. Two business lunches, one trip to the theater and a hair appointment are all scheduled before Wednesday this week!

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