Bienvenue a Paris!

Bienvenue a Paris!

We’re on a grand adventure! I’ve left darling Rob and Lucy at home and traveled to Paris with my two oldest friends: Jackie and Margaret. A 10 day vacation exploring the best of France from our charming apartment right in the middle of the 1st arrondissement. We’re just steps from the hub of Les Halles and the charming pedestrian Montorgueil neighborhood.

Every balcony outside our windows has flowers, plants and/or birds. The giant, ancient herringbone wood flooring in the apartment is delightfully creaky. The radiators shouldn’t be turned up past two on the dial otherwise “the boiler, she goes crazy.” There are seven different charming lamps in this apartment, along with beautiful teak furniture, wicker, mirrors, velvet and lambswool.

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  1. Annie at 10:53 am

    So happy to see you posting again! Thank you for sharing your latest adventure. More, please!