Weeked Round-Up: Folks

Weeked Round-Up: Folks

Long weekend! We kicked it off with Rob’s last day at his old job. I met up with the celebration after work on Pier 23, had a quick drink and then grabbed a pedicab home to meet up with Rob’s parents. Tea and catching up before bed.

On Saturday, we had breakfast together. Rob went to work and his parents headed over the Golden Gate for a day of birdwatching. I really needed the day off – so it was perfect timing. I spent the morning reading and relaxing before walking down to Red’s Java House for lunch with Lauren. Mmm…veggie burger on sourdough, fries and an Anchor Steam.

From there, I walked over to Safeway for groceries, up to Whole Foods for more and to Marshall’s where I found two cute pairs of black pumps. Back at the apartment, a movie and some work before everyone returned home for dinner. Over to Henry Hunan’s for a big Chinese dinner.

Sunday morning, Rob’s mother took off early for a veterinarian conference in Davis. The rest of us had a leisurely morning. Back to Red’s with the boys for pancakes on the pier. The city was buzzing with the Giants game on for 1:00 with the postseason at stake.

From breakfast, we walked up to Chinatown – stopping at the very cute railway museum – for adventuring and shopping. We hit up my favorite spots – the crazy pet store:

And the crazy wok store, where they sell every kitchen gadget possible in a space only about 15×15.

Sweet sesame buns from a dim sum shop for a snack before walking to Huntington Park at the top of Nob Hill. Lovely fountain plus church bells. Clam chowder bread bowls for lunch at Boudin in the Macy’s basement. Next, hopped on one of those historic street cars to ride to farmer’s market at Civic Center. Lots of fresh produce back with us on the train, and, finally, a bit of rest at home!

In the evening, we all met up for dinner at Plant. This organic cafe along the water is a great choice for visiting parents.

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