Weekend Round-Up: BBQ

Weekend Round-Up: BBQ

It was nice to get out of town this weekend and experience the start of summer in a place that’s actually warm! (PS: thanks to Trent for the party photos after I forgot my camera)
After a quiet night at home on Friday, Rob and I woke up early on Saturday. Coffee at home before walking over to the Ferry Building to pick up our order of rolls from Acme Bread and fresh flowers from the farmer’s market. Quick hello to friends and then back home to load up the car with party supplies.
We picked up Margaret in North Beach and Trent in Berkeley and were on our way. Ahead of schedule, the group decided to stop for lunch in the old downtown Vacaville. We walked the little farmer’s market and ate at a cute Mexican restaurant called Los Reyes.
Onward from there to Davis to start the graduation/engagement party preparations. Cleaning, finishing the bunting, flower arranging, test driving the burgers, stocking the coolers and other quick tasks. The blue and yellow bunting Margaret made came out so well!

Grad students and friends started to arrive at 5:30 and the grill heated up quickly. Plenty of cold drinks to be had while Trent and I manned the grill, cooking up black bean, turkey and beef burgers.
Once each patty was finished, we cut it into four and put two pieces in a teeny Acme roll. A big condiment spread inside encouraged innovation. The results were delicious! My favorite was a turkey slider with cheese, jalapeno hummus and guacamole. And a nice cooler of raspberry lemonade with mint and beer on the side.

After all 100 (!) sliders were devoured by the party, we moved to the front lawn for a surprise. Rob had picked up a dolphin pinata during the day and loaded it with treats for the science crowd. The kids went first, and then Jackie and Pierre finished it up.

Big buffet of pies, cakes and cookies after dinner. We ended the evening with sparklers in the yard around 10:00. A very successful event! To Jackie’s house to spend the night.
Breakfast of leftover apple pie Margaret had made and coffee the next morning. At 10:30, we loaded in the car and headed home. Quick stop at the Farm at Putah Creek, where Jean and Trent were married on our way out of town. Feeling the “call of the road” – we looked for adventures to be had on the way home and decided to start at the classic Marmot store in Berkeley. From there, we wandered to some antique stores and to the Oakland flea market.
Lunch at a vegan tacqueria in the neighborhood (tasty, but the salsa was so, so spicy!). Over to Lake Merritt to drop off Trent and then home again. Quiet afternoon with baths and cleaning to prepare for the week ahead.

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