Sleeping Well: Index Cards

Sleeping Well: Index Cards

Do you get anxiety at night?  I do well during the day – considering all the pressure of my new job as VP – but at night, my brain can go into overtime processing everything. I sometimes wake up feeling stressed out and it can be hard to go back to sleep.

At least that was the case until I worked out a new trick! I’ve been keeping an index card and pen by the side of the bed. When I wake up worried about something or with an idea, I just write it on the card and go back to sleep.

Half the time, the notes don’t even make sense in the morning or what worried me so much at 3:00am isn’t a big deal at all. Now, my brain is trained to consider if it’s really worth writing down and I hardly make notes anymore. It’s only been a couple weeks, but it’s working well!

What’s your best trick for sleeping soundly?

{photo of Vladimir Nabokov’s index cards from working on Lolita}

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