Scolding the people of San Francisco

People of San Francisco:

We need to talk. I am very upset with you. At the opera last night, I saw countless numbers of you wearing various combinations of jeans, jean jackets, teevas (*shudder*), hiking boots, fanny packs and sweatshirts. This is unacceptable. You are adults. You MAY NOT WEAR JEANS TO THE OPERA!!! You know better than that.

As a general rule of thumb, if you paid more than $40 for a ticket to an event that is not held in a stadium you need to wear pants. Even khackis are better than jeans if you are really desperate. You don’t need to wear black tie…but c’mon you can do a little better than last night. A skirt and top maybe? Slacks and a sweater? God forbid, a dress?!

Our seats were high up, but not so high that you needed to wear full on trekking gear to survive the climb. I did just fine in heels. The opera did feature people dressed in workclothes and jeans…maybe you were just trying to match the theme? If so, it didn’t work out so well. Please make an effort to dress appropriately next time. Dressing up makes the experience better for everyone. It’s not that hard.

Best wishes,

PS – No this dress isn’t an exception.

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