My gun is for sale!

My gun is for sale!

The antique gun that has been a bit of a mystery in my family has been posted in the online catalog for the December 6th auction at Bonhams in San Francisco. You can see the lot here and bid on it if you are interested.

What we felt was probably not that consequential of a gun turned out to be a Japanese matchlock from the 19th century, complete with gold and copper dragon decorations. I was tipped off when the exact same gun was on display at the Asian Art Museum. Plus, it has been rated as in “very good” condition. I am so proud! Here’s the full summary:

The 41 1/2 inch tapered round .60 caliber smoothbore barrel with tulip-shaped muzzle inlaid with silver bands. Top of barrel inlaid in gold and copper with two writhing dragons sporting amidst the clouds, the breech inlaid in silver with stylized waves. Full stock with engraved brass mounts.

I usually could care less about a gun, but this one is special! I hope it goes to a good home!

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