Hair today, gone tomorrow

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Yikes. It’s been a while since I had a disastrous hair cut. Looks like my luck finally ran out yesterday.

Wanting to change my look (and mostly change my stylist), I had an appointment yesterday with a brand new salon. The stylist was soo careful about choosing the red colors and was meticulous with the cut. It all seemed fine and dandy until they dryer hood was removed and I discovered that I looked exactly 100% like prop-comedian Carrot Top. Very bad.

After running home to wash my hair and try styling it myself, the condition improved to a combination of Carrot Top (the color), Owen Wilson (the crooked nose, but this is a preexisting condition) and Sarah Jessica Parker (the silver lining). There was also a sprinkling of Goth Girl thrown in there too, but I cut off a few of the long tendrils in the front to make it more of a flapper look. If there is anything I hate, it’s looking like a caricature.

I have ballet tickets tonight and will need to figure out some way to make this hairstyle work. Also, I am signing up for tickets to see this art exhibit open at the Exploratorium on Friday. A jello San Francisco, Styrofoam Hummer and free Campari cocktails? I’m there, bad hair be dammed.

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