Weekend round-up

Weekend round-up

Two of my friends came for a visit this weekend. These are friends that I made way back in Junior High, which is very special because I was not particularly cute or nice when I was 13. It’s comforting to have friends that go this far back because you know that they have seen you at your absolute worst and still have decided to like you.

So anyway, I rushed around on Friday filling the house with flowers, basic sundries and funfetti cupcakes for their late evening arrival. Always-adorable Jackie arrived with two pink boxes full of pastries that we feasted on the next morning. After the huge breakfast on Saturday, we went to the de Young Museum (membership is such a good deal) and had lunch at the cafe. Next was a trip downtown to Sephora, H&M (the far less packed women’s store on Post Street) and Zara.

When we got home it was too early for dinner but not too early for filling up on cupcakes, apple tart and champagne while watching Project Runway. A combination of not enough un-frosted food and too much champagne led to me turning bright pink for about two hours (I am Scottish, not Asian!). When the buzz started to wear off, we went to Axum Cafe for a delicious Ethiopian dinner.

Brunch at Home the next morning followed by a quick trip to Nordstrom for Stila makeovers and shoe shopping completed the weekend. After this, it was too rainy and miserable to leave the house for the rest of the day. Altogether it was a perfect girly weekend full of art, shopping and carbs. Hope you had a good weekend too!

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