MissEm:  Criminal Mastermind

MissEm: Criminal Mastermind

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a goodie two-shoes. I hate getting in trouble. That’s why my criminal activities on Wednesday night were such a surprise!

Breaking & Entering – My first crime of the evening was sneaking into a private screening of Seraphim Falls hosted by Gen Art at the Westfield. We had heard that there was a free show through our connection. But, unlike the other shows, this one wasn’t open to the public. Our connection managed to sneak us into the theater for the exclusive advanced screening. (BTW – The movie was sooo boring, unless you’re Rob)

Traveling without Proof of Payment – Once the movie was over, it was time for my second crime of the night. Apparently, I’ve been taking buses around the city without my MUNI pass for a few days now. I only discovered this error after I had already snuck through the handicap entrance at the Powell Street station. Usually this is no big deal, I’ve never seen patrols asking for proof of payment on any train or bus….until the first train came into the station loaded with three police officers with tickets in hand for doling out fines up to $500. Luckily, I spotted the coppers and managed to avoid the train. The next train was fuzz free and this criminal mastermind made it home just fine.

This life of crime is exhausting!

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