What to Wear: Winter White

What to Wear: Winter White

On a cold, cold day at the end of a cold, cold snap you start to run out of options. Another day in wool pants and a black sweater? Boooring. Switching to winter white always makes me feel a little better about having to be bundled up:

  • Sweater – Dark camel is a perfect match for white in the winter.
  • White Pants – A must have. Look for a pair that is machine washable and either lined or made of thick enough fabric that it doesn’t matter. In other words, a pair from Express or Club Monaco instead of this option.
  • Trench – Invest in one of these classic trenches from Banana Republic. I bought one in neutral from them a few years ago. It has a great “heft.”
  • Shoes – I’m wearing my vintage boots today for extra warmth.
  • Purse – Cute and cheap from Urban Outfitters.
  • Wool scarf – So very cold outside.
  • Silk scarf – For a little color.
  • Bracelets – In red and white, perfect for this outfit and for spring.
  • Earrings – A fun alternative to pearls.

Now just throw on some long underwear underneath it all, a pair of lined gloves and an umbrella and you are set!

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  2. love.boxes at 1:51 pm

    Love this outfit. I love the classic trench. And, you tied a colorful scarf around your purse handle. Alexandra Stoddard always does that for extra color. Lovely.

  3. Sara at 4:15 pm

    love the winter white!! im such a chicken about getting it dirty though 🙁 i own no white pants or skirt

  4. mrsem Author at 4:41 pm

    Don’t be chicken about wearing white! It’s actually really forgiving of small stains. Machine washable is the key.