Urban Girl Almanac

Urban Girl Almanac

This week was fortunately a bit calmer than last week, but still full of fun and adventure. Another concert, another SF LAC party.

Here’s what I learned this week:

  • Raclette grills make for delicious dinner parties.
  • Two different mechanics in San Francisco can quote two wildly different prices for replacing a clutch. Royal Motors estimated $1,500 and Fukada Auto Service quoted $600.
  • Pear and raspberry. A nice pastry combination. An even better living room combination.
  • Origami Easter eggs are easy to make and come out extremely well.
  • Scissors for Lefty is on the way to becoming the next big thing. There were real-life teenie-bopper fans at their NoisePop show.
  • Lattes may cost three times more than plain coffee, but they also taste three times better.
  • Deco Ghetto is an actual neighborhood.
  • The Yaris is an adorably Euro car that will soon be sold here in the US. When that day comes Rob and I may trade in the Miata.
  • L’Occitane Almond Oil Shower Gel is really lovely. But it still pinches a bit to spend $20 on soap, even fabulous soap paid for with a gift card.
  • Pink alstromeria and ranunculus are a fun floral combination.
  • Drawing fuzzy chicks on pink notepaper is good for your emotional well-being.
  • San Francisco had 24 days of rain in March. I can’t wait for those “April Showers.”
  • There is something entirely appropriate about the fact that my neighborhood used to be a circus.

Happy end of March to you!

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