Things I do not love today: New purse smell

Things I do not love today: New purse smell

This Urban Outfitters bag arrived by mail a few days ago. I left it alone until I found the perfect white slack + brown top outfit to pair it with today. But now I am having some serious doubts about this purchase. You see, the bag smells. It smells quite strongly. Sort of a blend of pine sap, goat cheese and dangerous chemicals. It’s the sort of smell that humans are biologically programmed to not like for our own safety.

Ugg. I can barely take it being in the same room with me right now. This smell will fade with time, right? Or would a perfume bomb help? Maybe if I left it outside in the sun for a while? Any suggestions?

Update: I am now convinced that my bag smells like goat cheese because it is made of goat leather. Confirm?

Update 2: Darn it! It’s not made of leather, goat or otherwise. Was it possibly used to smuggle goat cheese into the US from China? I guess this is what you get for $25.

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  1. Anonymous at 6:01 pm

    you shop at Urban Outfitters? i would think you would be totally anti… that’s something you would give me a hard time for doing 🙂

  2. mrsem Author at 6:05 pm

    Ms. Anonymous strikes again? I actually have quite a few things from Urban Outfitters. I like their Lux collection mostly.