Weekend Round-Up

Weekend Round-Up

What a perfect weekend! The weather was lovely, we threw a party and I had some wonderful time to relax.

It all started with the “Evening Brunch” party on Friday night. A quiet dinner for four quickly turned into eight (and we almost had ten). Bloody mary’s and bagels with lox were set out for appetizers. I made turkey bacon, sausage, blueberry coconut pancakes in advance and kept them warm in the stove. The buffet was completed with a fruit salad and a green salad. What a feast! Sarah and Charlie were spending the night and we gave them keys to the apartment so they could hit the town while I hit the sack.

Rob left early for a run in Marin the next morning. When the rest of us got up, we had a delicious leftover breakfast and watched the DVD of A Room with a View (so good!). By the time we were up and ready to go, it was time for lunch. We drove over to Geary and 23rd in the Richmond to go to a Dim Sum place, Golden River. How did I possibly manage to eat all that food?! We had BBQ pork buns, shrimp stuffed crab claws, potstickers, shu mai, asparagus, mango pudding, pea shoots, hot and sour soup, chicken in foil and more! The food was great but more expensive that Lychee Gardens on Powell in Chinatown.

Feeling terminally stuffed and overheated (it was about 80 degrees out), we went to the Kabuki theater on Fillmore street to watch Nacho Libre. It was a funny and odd movie. Sarah then peeled off to her friend’s bachelorette party, Charlie drove home and Rob and I headed back to the house to relax. Jean and Trent invited us out for a late dinner at BurgerMeister. After a huge garden burger and fries, my digestive system couldn’t take it anymore. I looked like I was three months pregnant and felt like a beached whale! I waddled home and zonked out.

On Sunday morning, Rob went for a bike ride and I stayed home to “detox” with a pot of coffee and some good books. After Saturday’s feasting, I couldn’t even think about eating anymore. Jean came over at 1:00 and we took the M Train out to Stern Grove for a free Seu Jorge concert. The park was packed! Thousands of people were camping out on the hillside. It looked like a cross between a refugee camp and a Seurat painting! We squeezed into a spot right off the path in a thicket of blackberries with a great view of a eucalyptus tree. The Seu Jorge concert went by quickly as did our picnic. We left right at the start of Aimee Man and took the train home. A quick trip to Safeway with Jean, a nap and chinese takeout completed the weekend.

Whew! For how relaxing last weekend seemed, it certainly was busy!

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