Weekend Round-Up: Summer in the city

Weekend Round-Up: Summer in the city

Our first weekend back in the city was just about as perfect as it gets! On Friday, Rob and I had a much needed trip to the rock climbing gym after work. Feeling inspired by the Tour de France, I cooked a roast chicken and potatoes for dinner. Delicious strawberries from the produce market topped it all off.

The kickball league championship tournament was help on Saturday morning at 10:00 am. It was a gorgeous day out at Hamilton Field. Although our team didn’t win the game, we played really well and had a great time. Most of us stuck around to help a short-handed team play their game (we lost again!).

When it gets warm in the city, San Franciscans become almost manic about making the most of the good weather. Every park and beach in the city was packed with pale bodies getting a bit of sun. We took our own paleness out to Baker Beach with Jean and Trent. Here’s a photo of my pale toes at the beach. The boys went for a run while Jean and I tossed a football around. We stayed until about 4:30 and didn’t get sunburned (hooray!). We drove to Costco for to stock up on supplies and then went back to Jean’s apartment to help prepare food for tomorrow’s party. Later that evening, we all changed and took the bus out to Megan’s apartment in Pac Heights for a beer tasting event that went until about 12:30. It was a long and fun day!

On Sunday, Rob and I woke up at 9-ish and drove down to the Mission to hunt for a pinata. Very few places were open this early, but we managed to find a four foot tall goat soccer player pinata in a Chinese-owned store. Here’s a photo of it hogging my seat in the car. I heart the Mission! We met up with Jean and Trent in Duboce Park at 11:30 to help set up for their going away BBQ. It was another perfect day in the city and the park was just wonderful. About 35 people came by to eat, drink beer, hit the pinata, play soccer and chat. Jean leaves for North Carolina in a few weeks and Trent leaves later this summer. We spent the whole day in the park, leaving only when the fog started to creep in around 5 pm.

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