Photo series No. 1

Photo series No. 1

Did I mention I just got a new camera? I went a little crazy taking pictures of everything within five feet last night for my first photo series. If you really want to know about laundry night or what day-to day life is like in the Duboce Triangle part of San Francisco, today is your lucky day!

First, we went to the dry cleaner’s on Noe Street to pick up some clothes. This place is always sweltering, and on a hot day it is like a sauna…an other people’s dirty clothes sauna, ick. But they do a good job and are pretty inexpensive.

I pass this windmill all the time and it always perplexes me. Why on earth would someone bring this to their house in the city? Where did they get it? How did they even move it?

Our laundromat is down the street so Rob puts our baskets on a skateboard and rides it like a scooter. Our neighbors think this is pretty funny.

Next stop! The produce market, Blockbuster and Safeway. I literally go to Safeway every single day. Often twice a day. It is such a huge part of my existance that “Is it sold at Safeway?” is always my first question when we play 20 Questions.

Yay! Laundry and errands are done just in time to eat dinner and watch South Pacific in Concert on TV. I pledged to KQED just to get a copy of Reba singing “A Wonderful Guy.”

Pretty exciting, right! You can click here to see the whole series that also includes pictures of cafes, French tourists, mailboxes and more!

PS: Thanks for the postcards Jean (BTW, my zip code is 94114) I did use to have an Elvis wig, it was involved in the famous Bonnie Parsons prank.

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