Inspired: Footed Compote Arrangements

Inspired: Footed Compote Arrangements

I’ve decided (at least for now) to make my own centerpieces for the wedding and pay a florist to the bouquets and boutonniere.

We have the club reserved for the days before and after our wedding and they have a huge fridge where I could store the arrangements on Friday. Plus, I live near a rocking wholesale flower market, only need to do about 12 arrangements, am semi-competent in the floral arts and have friends who have volunteered to help.

I’m starting to collect ideas and photos for inspiration. I really like this yellow arrangement from Martha. Imagine it with garden roses and other flouncy things instead of ranunculus.

It seems like every single reception centerpiece in magazines is in one of these “footed compote” bowls. But I haven’t been able to find them for sale anywhere. The hunt continues!

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  1. Mrs. Bryant at 8:05 pm

    I did all my own flowers at my wedding. It was so fun to say that I made my own bouquet. It had burnt orange tulips, calla lilies, Easter lilies, red roses and tall, green stocks for height. I made it the day before the wedding. Most people would consider this stressful, but it was really relaxing to be in my mom’s kitchen with my sisters, gathered around her huge island covered with flowers and florist tape chatting about my future life and their advice. Flowers really give you a sense of what’s important for some reason. I love nature and I definitely recommend doing your own flowers if you have the resources, which it sounds like you do.

  2. Chelsea at 8:16 pm

    I actually saw a cheapy cheap version at Kmart as part of the Martha line there. Not sure if they still have them. Vintage soup tureens are also fun and I see those at the Goodwill/thrift stores all the time.

  3. Jessica at 8:21 pm

    I agree. My matron-of-honor and I did the flowers for my wedding on our own. We did it really simply though, sticking with all roses. But it was fun, and so great to see the look on guests faces when they asked about them and I told them it was all us. Try for bowls. Not sure if they have exactly what you’re looking for, but that’s where I got mine.

  4. jordan at 9:15 pm

    Emily, I have a billion compotes leftover from my wedding. They are glass. They are yours if you want them…

  5. love.boxes at 9:38 pm

    Lovely plan… the most beautiful wedding I went to.. they used garden roses.. I think yellow roses would be sublime. 🙂

  6. lsaspacey at 8:00 pm

    Remember to check the longevity for your flower choices, once they’re cut. We used tuberoses for my friends New Orleans wedding in October when the temp was in the mid-80s. We did the arrangements earlier and stored in the fridge but by evening when we took them out they were already browning. Also find out how long they will stand tall or if they wilt quickly out of water.

  7. mrsem Author at 8:03 pm

    Good tip! I’m planning a “rehersal” this october. The flower choices should be about the same next october.