Things I Love Today: Champaca Bloom & Fern

Things I Love Today: Champaca Bloom & Fern

Anthropologie….why are you always equal parts amazing and frustrating? The best dressing rooms in the city & always a line. The coolest clothes & so, so many of the oddest. The massive number of scented candles you keep burning at all times (honestly, is it one person’s dedicated job? do you have to keep a candlemaster on staff?).

I bought this enormous Voluspa candle at Anthropologie on Saturday. The scent is “Chapaca Blossom & Fern.” Champaca being a sort of tropical magnolia and ferns…being without scent last time I checked. Anyway, it smells really nice, fresh and not too floral.

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  1. Karen at 9:23 pm

    I have to agree with you about anthropologie…I love, love, love it, but at the same time, they have some crazy clothes. I’m lucky, my anthro in chicago (woodfield mall to be exact) RARELY has a line, I don’t think many people have caught on to it’s spectacular-ness out here. Just got this ADORABLE cap sleeved floral blazer from them over the weekend on sale and sporting it today

  2. jordan at 3:32 am

    Never go on Saturday and usually there isn’t a line. There are 20 fitting rooms!