Weekend Round-Up: Charity

Weekend Round-Up: Charity

This is one of those weekend’s where I’m not quite sure how we fit it all in.

On Friday, Rob and I walked to the climbing gym with a friend for a quick bouldering session. Afterwards, we grabbed some street tacos from the Toyanese truck. From there, we walked ten blocks up to Valencia Street for some cones at Bombay Ice Cream. One each of jasmine tea, rose petal and black sesame flavors. And then back down six blocks to see a friend perform in a fundraiser for his capoeira team at the lovely ODC Dance Center. It’s sort of impossibly hard shirtless cartwheel fighting. Back at home around 9, I went nuts making envelope liners on my Gocco printer.

Saturday morning we left the house early in an effort to beat the crowds at the de Young Museum. No such luck! We browsed the first floor arrangements, had breakfast in the cafe and then went through the top galleries. Some of the bouquets we’re really amazing. It seems that the trends now are succulents, thin metal wire and folded leaves.

Quick dash across town after the museum to run an errand at Guitar Center. On the way back home we got stuck in some of the traffic from the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. I made spicy egg tacos for lunch (trying to get a lot of blown eggs ready for this week’s LAC party) and we watched the end of Vertigo. Quick run to the hardware store for supplies to fix the dining room table leg.

At 5:00, we drove down to Daly City for the Bowl the Planet fundraiser. One of our friends had put together a team. I bowled a 115 and ended up spending $108 on the silent auction. All together it was an excellent event. Back home around 9, I cut out some of the envelope liners and realized a gross miscalculation (100 guests does not equal 100 invitations, duh).

Slept in for a long time on Sunday morning and then only emerged in my pajamas for a jam session and breakfast of eggs, sausage, toast and coffee. Our version of Blue Skies is sounding pretty good! At 1:00, we took the subway downtown. Virgin Records was having a $10 sale and we picked out some great music. Heart and AC/DC for me, Muddy Waters and Patsy Cline for Rob.

We walked over to Macy’s for lunch in the basement while reading the liner notes on our new CD’s. The flower show this year seemed to have a smaller budget than last year’s but it was still pretty impressive. I liked their use of olive and lemon trees. After Macy’s, we walked up to the Embarcadero Center to watch Girls Rock, a documentary about a rock and roll camp for girls.

Back home at 5:30 to practice a couple songs. The friend who is sewing my wedding dress came over to look at it now that it is back from the cleaners. We planned a fabric shopping trip for the next week.

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