Bargain: Basketweave Wallet

Bargain: Basketweave Wallet

I bought this simple green wallet at Forever 21 a few weeks ago as waiting-in-line impulse purchase. It’s really grown on me and now my friend is buying one for herself. So fun for summer.

The color is a little brighter in person, almost a Kate Spade green. It’s not metallic like the blurb says. Inside, there’s space for cash, a coin pocket and card slots. Works as a clutch too and only $10!

If you want the same wallet in a different style, they also have navy anchors, red hearts and patent white/yellow.

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  1. Jen at 7:46 pm

    Love it! This could work with so many different outfits either dressy or casual.

  2. Anonymous at 10:43 pm

    Was just announced today that Emily is still the number one name that is desirable for new born girls.

  3. Coveiter at 7:45 pm

    I have this (not exact) wallet in 3 colors. Love it. It’s very versatile.

    { Julie }