Weekend Round-Up: All On My Own

Weekend Round-Up: All On My Own

Another weekend as a single gal…this time because Rob was off on his bachelor party. I’m starting to get used to a lazy weekend by myself.

On Friday, I took the bus downtown after work to meet Nicole. We shopped like mad-women, trying to find my second dress for the wedding. At one point, crashing a fun party at Saks complete with wine, appetizers and free candles. I found a couple options – one dress that was adorable, but $1,500 on sale. Finally, at Ted Baker, we found something that would work.

Now 9:30, we had dinner at Straits in the Westfield. I helped Nicole find the bus stop for her ride back home and took the subways back myself to crash into bed.

Slept in on Saturday morning, had coffee and toast with honey and gave myself a facial. I had planned to work on the wedding all weekend, but found myself without a computer and unplugged from all my spreadsheets. At noon, I dressed up and ran errands in the neighborhood. I was so excited to eat at home that I bought a big bag of produce from the market. Lunch of a massive salad with beets, carrots. I worked that afternoon on a secret project for the wedding, ran some more errands, made chocolate chip cookies. Another giant dinner that evening: an artichoke, broccoli rigatoni and a really good nectarine. I turned it fairly early (with a stomachache from overdoing it with the veggies) after setting out bedding for friends to arrive late in the night.

Up at 8:00 the next morning to have tea and cookies while catching up with Margaret and her friend. We lazed about for the morning, doing our make-up and picking the perfect outfits. I discovered a new favorite snack (pictured) of bread, homemade butter, salt, pepper and fresh basil. At 11:00, Margaret and I went downtown to shoe shop for the wedding. It was freezing cold and overcast. We hit Nordstrom, Loehman’s, Bloomingdale’s, even Barney’s with no luck. At H&M, I picked up pashminas for the bridesmaids and a few little things for myself. Lunch at the Soup Company in the Westfield.

Back at home for cookies and tea again. Rob arrived back shortly thereafter and we watched Army of Darkness together. Margaret left after the movie and we had a light dinner. I gave Rob a quick haircut before Tracy arrived at 9:00 for a dress fitting. This was the first fitting with the actual silk, it is so beautiful! To bed shortly after, we both slept like babies.

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