Weekend Round-Up: Farm Life

Weekend Round-Up: Farm Life

Another Thanksgiving, another trip to Sanger to see Rob’s family! It was a great, relaxing holiday full of good food and country life. While there:

We rode bikes.

Ate an amazing Thanksgiving dinner.

We hung out with goats. Including eight adorable newborn goat kids.

Rob learned to weld and we shopped for tools at Harbor Freight.

We went birdwatching by the San Joaquin River. I love the “open oak” forest in the sierra foothills.

We cut down an old mulberry tree on Granny’s ranch. I enjoy this sort of hard labor once in a while. But, during the course of the cutting, got too enthusiastic and took a big fall from about 6 feet up. I took most of the hit on my already bruised knee from the bike crash. Fortunate because I didn’t get a new bruise, unfortunate because it hurt like heck.

And we came home with 20 lbs of pomegranates and another 10 of walnuts. On Sunday, Margaret and I fell off the no-shopping bandwagon. I supported the economies of Sweden (H&M), England (Ted Baker) and France (L’Occitane) and found some amazing sales. We had a nice turkey nacho dinner and made construction paper wreaths in the evening.

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