Shopping challenge: Going clubbing

Shopping challenge: Going clubbing

A bunch of us are going to Ruby Skye on Saturday for a friend’s birthday party. I haven’t been to this club before but it’s one of the most popular dance spots in San Francisco. It’s supposed to rain all Saturday and will probably be about 110 degrees in the club….so what to wear?

Flared V Halter
– Honestly, can you think of a better place than Forever 21 to shop for this kind of thing? I’m not trying to be cheap, but the realistic lifespan for this top is about five hours. This halter top is not a bad option. The flared top does have some pregger-potential though, would have to try it on.

Crossover Top with Sequins – This sequined top is actually pretty cute. With a my pair of black theory pants, it could work. I’m not sure that all black is the way to go though. I’m already going to be about ten shades paler than most people there, wouldn’t want to look like the angel of death.

Ruched Dolman Top – Actual coverage from a club-worthy top? Sacre bleu! This top from Banana Republic has enough style to pass at the club and doesn’t require me to expose my bony shoulders in public. Being that I weigh only 115 lbs, I could either end up looking like Mischa Barton or like I was involved in an unfortunate shipwreck incident.

Cowl Neck Halter Tunic – According to Wet Seal, this top “is perfect for layering with just about anything.” Really? What could you possible layer with this insanity? A down vest? A hoodie? With a few rolls of double-sided tape and a couple of shots of vodka, I could possibly wear this out of the house.

Country Dress – Ideally, I would wear this top over a pair of jeans. Ideally, I would also have lots of extra money, it would be a comfortable 80 degrees in the club and I would be really tan with straight hair. Sigh.

The hunt continues…I may have to go to Forever 21 downtown after work today for some shopping.

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