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  1. Morgan at 5:25 pm

    my mom got me hooked on weeds, and I feel like I watched every episode in one sitting. Another really really good show to watch is BIG LOVE! I promise it is excellent and equally addicting!

  2. MissScientistSF at 5:48 pm

    I watched the next batch of episodes (after the ones we watched here) yesterday when I was sick. So so awesome. I love the Mexicans. Glad you are hooked too.. which ones did you watch?

  3. mrsem Author at 5:52 pm

    We watched disk two of season three…extortion through burning the house down 🙂

  4. Rachel at 6:35 pm

    Been there. I’m completely hooked on Weeds, even though I still think the first season is my favorite.

  5. Far From Perfect at 9:09 pm

    My husband & I hooked on this… when is the next season to begin???

    Watch "United States of Tara" on Showtime…1-18. Toni Collette. Looks good.

  6. Mands at 9:24 pm

    I just got hooked too! I haven't watched the rest of season 2, but She & Him's Zoey Deschanel is on a few episodes!!

  7. Diana at 1:58 am

    Weeds is our absolute favorite show in this house. It’s more like an obsession.
    I liked the first two seasons best.