Weekend Round-Up: On the Water

Weekend Round-Up: On the Water

A fairly relaxing weekend highlighted by gorgeous weather, who could ask for anything more?

On Friday, Rob and I met a bunch of friends at the end of our favorite pier for a birthday picnic. I brought horseradish cheese, crackers, olives, tiny truffled potatoes and peanut butter cookies to accompany a few beers and our bikes. A perfect day for relaxing along the water.

Margaret peeled off after the picnic and the rest of us continued on for the Critical Mass ride through the city. This ride was particularly civil, with the group of riders stopping at the lights. As always, I was massively impressed by the team of SFPD motorcycle officers who accompany the pack, keep us safe and seem to have a pretty good time of it as well. More snacks and drinks at the apartment after the ride.

A relaxing Saturday morning. Rob left early for a big Marin bike ride with a college friend. I went to work briefly and then met up with Margaret in the afternoon. It was such a nice day! We walked downtown and did a little shopping at Saks, saw the flowers at Macy’s and hit up a major sale at French Connection. In the afternoon, we sat out in the sun at Yerba Buena Gardens with iced tea and got pedicures on Mission Street.

Back at home at 5:30, we met up with Rob and went for dinner at Gott’s (former Taylor’s Refresher) in the Ferry Building. Burgers and sweet potato fries.

Early start on Sunday morning, Rob and I had oatmeal and coffee before walking around the neighborhood for some errands. Back home a few miles later for lunch. At 1:30, we rented a kayak down at the marina and paddled back behind the ball park.

A great workout due to a strong tide and wind. Back home, I had a long bath with a DIY facial and cleaned house. My mother arrived to spend the night in the evening and we went out for dinner at Plant on the water.

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