To Do: Switch out your Closet

To Do: Switch out your Closet

Here’s my checklist for a spring closet swap! In San Francisco’s temperate climate, it’s more about the colors and fabrics that change instead of the cuts. Bringing out spring clothes from six months ago always feels like getting a whole new wardrobe.

Put up:
– Heavy sweaters
– Tweed pants, skirts and jackets
– Dark plaids
– The warmest brown and black tops
– Dark cableknits
– The heaviest wool dresses

Bring out:
– Light short-sleeved blouses
– Bright colored sweaters
– White pants, jeans and skirts
– Florals and madras plaids
– All linens and khakis
– Tunics and maxi dresses

Keep out:
– Navy, brown and black pencil skirts and trousers
– White blouses
– Lightweight brown and black tops
– Dresses

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