Weekend Round-Up: Apples

Weekend Round-Up: Apples

I headed down to San Luis Obispo this weekend for a visit with my parents. Margaret drove with me on Friday night, Rob stayed behind since he had to work on Sunday.

Up early Saturday morning for the regular routine: farmer’s market, walking the dog by the lake, breakfast at Budget Cafe and groceries at Scolari’s. All that before 11! At 12:30, I met up with friends Sarah (with her brother), Elizabeth (with her adorable son and husband) for a sushi lunch. Back home in the afternoon to help my parents with the internet.
We dressed at 4:30, picked up Margaret and drove to Santa Maria for a night on the town. There are two hidden gems in this little town: the historic Santa Maria Inn, where we had a lovely dinner, and PCPA, where we saw an amazing production of Peter Pan.

Back home in the evening for a bit of cake before dropping Margaret off bed. I slept in on Sunday morning, read the paper and organized a picnic at the See Canyon apple orchards. Shane and Margaret swung by at lunch and we found a beautiful spot in the canyon. We sat with a pen knife, slicing fresh apples for little turkey and cheese sandwiches and swigging fresh apple cider.
It was super warm, but definitely felt like a classic fall day.
Back home at 2:30 to bid adieu to Shane. Before hitting the road, we walked down the street to visit a neighbor’s new puppy. He trains guide dogs for the blind – bringing a fresh puppy to the block once a year. This one, Poppy, is especially cute.

From there, just a whole lot of driving. We made it to the city at 7:00 and swung by Safeway for groceries. So happy to see Rob!

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