Weekend Round-Up: Not Really a Weekend

Weekend Round-Up: Not Really a Weekend

Only two more days to go in the 10-day crazy conference season marathon! Despite being dressed like this for the last eight days…

…I’ve still managed to squeeze in a bit of a personal life. (Black & white because they’re all low-quality cell photos) On Friday, Rob and I went to the first opera of our season after work. Traditional dinner at Gyro King before the show:

Lucrezia Borgia was a lot of fun. Everything you want in an opera: multiple poisonings, incest, love triangles, suicide, 76 performers on stage, 50 foot tall sets, over-the-top costumes, two intermissions and world-famous Renee Fleming in the title role. Back home by subway at 11:00.
I didn’t get to sleep in much with needing to be at the Hotel Rex downtown before 10. I was attending a create-a-thon event my team put together for filmmakers participating in our Health Film Festival. Fun to spend a day with artists, producers and advocates. I made a quick speech, but should have rehearsed more!

Cabbed it back home after the event’s wine reception and had a couple hours to rest up. Rob and I walked over to meet Nicole at 8:00 for a “step out” dinner at Boulevard.

We sat at the chef’s counter overlooking the busy kitchen. Cocktails all around. An amuse-bouche of tiny stuffed squash blossoms. Sea bass for Rob, filet mignon for Nicole and a dungeness crab salad for me – with lots of sharing! We had watched the pastry chef at work during dinner and ordered three delicious desserts. Fully stuffed, I crashed into bed at 10pm.

It was rainy out on Sunday, perfect for resting up. Rob went for a muddy bike ride with Seth in the morning. I watched Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop (love the behind the scenes look at his “work family”) and did three loads of laundry. Rob came home and we had egg tacos for an early lunch. At noon, it was back to work. This time, helping to set up our exhibitor booth for the final conference.
On the way home, I stopped at farmer’s market to pick up tomatillos, cucumbers, tomatoes, white nectarines, cilantro and artichokes. At home, I made a big pot of New Mexican green chile from scratch and a pan of brownies.

Quiet evening with lots of tasty chile! I’m looking forward to Wednesday and getting back to a normal schedule. Fall is here in full force, lots of Halloween decorations to put up and pumpkin bread to bake!

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