Things I Love Today: Halloween Invitations

Things I Love Today: Halloween Invitations

Have I mentioned that fall is my favorite season of the year? And that October is my favorite month of my favorite season? October brings pumpkins, costumes, candy, parties and my birthday! Sure, we’re still a few days away from October, but I’m already excited!

I really like this skeleton invitation for Halloween from Meri Meri. You uncross the friendly skeleton’s arms (complete with ribbon scarf!) and open the tombstone to see the printed invite inside.

Meri Meri also makes similar cards with jack-o-lanterns, vampires and witches. All that is going to cost you $129 for a set of 25, but it might be so worth it! In the affordable alternative corner: these orange and black invites can be printed at home for only $22.

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  1. Sara at 3:54 pm

    halloween is one of the saddest holidays to be an expat, i miss it so much every year!!!

  2. mrsem Author at 4:26 pm

    That’s sad. You should throw a big halloween bonanza for all the other sad expats! We went to a Thanksgiving dinner like that in Mexico once, super fun!