Weekends: Cold Snap

Weekends: Cold Snap

This was one of those cold, crisp, sunny weekends that defines San Francisco in the winter. Brr..maybe a tad bit colder than usual.

Rob and I were absolute sloths on Friday and Saturday.  He was recovering from a rough week with a major work deadline and a bad cold.  The fact that we’re still camping out in the guest room – where the TV lives – while the bedroom closet is repaired didn’t help at all. We stayed in pajamas all day Saturday with only occasional breaks to cook yummy food and clean house.  I worked on the Christmas journal while Rob blew through episodes of Falling Skies.

By Sunday morning, we were ready to motivate and leave the house.  Quickly read the paper with coffee before heading out to meet Jean and Trent with their dogs at Fort Funston. The famous local dog park was absolutely packed with furry beasts of all sizes and shapes.  We hiked down to the beach and probably walked two miles on the black sand.

Two hours later, the dogs were completely worn out!  We left them to nap in the car while the rest of us went to Park Chalet for drinks in the sun.

Rob and Trent drove to go see Zero Dark Thirty while Jean and I headed home to catch the Golden Globes.  I’ve never watched them before, but couldn’t miss Tina and Amy’s appearance.  We liked Jessica Alba, Kristin Bell, Sally Field and Naomi Watt’s dresses the best.  The tuckered out dogs curled up with us while we ate popcorn and candy for dinner.

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