Weekends: In Good Company

Weekends: In Good Company

What a funny, strange weekend this was! On Friday, we met up in the mission with our friends Matt and Amber on an impromptu visit from Seattle and their friend Ryan.  We started with a cheese flight, raclette and drinks on the sidewalk patio at Mission Cheese:

Then, the five of us walked down to an early dinner at Velvet Cantina. Our first pitcher of margaritas arrived right when the cast and crew of Mythbusters sat down at a table next to ours. Tory, Grant and Kari were all there. We did our best to play it cool, despite secretly being nerded out fans.

Two more pitchers of margaritas, running into a couple friends and some flaming dessert nachos before we called it a night. Rob and I walked back home.

We slept in on Saturday and lazed about. Rob took off at lunch for a bike ride and I binge-watched season 3 of Downton Abbey (so good, so sad, so full of sabotage).  I took a break halfway through for a hot bath and some watercolor painting in the dinning room. The flowers from last weekend were still going strong:

Along with the new header (!) I painted about six tiny floral arrangements. You can see my inspiration on Pinterest. Spent the night with a quiet dinner at home and a movie.
On Sunday morning, I kept to bed with the paper for a while. But it was too nice outside to stay in again. The peach tree next to our patio is just about to explode with blossoms. 
Rob and I took the tandem bike out and rode to the Legion of Honor.  Lovely picnic lunch on the front lawn, with an overlook of the water and Marin Headlands. 

We saw the visiting collection of treasures from the Louvre – lots of enamel and jeweled treasure boxes. The Rodin collection in the main hall is my perennial favorite: 

Rode back home through the park – it was absolutely packed with families out enjoying the sun.

Spent the rest of the evening cleaning house and stocking up on supplies for the week ahead.  Dinner of fajitas and steamed artichokes. 

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