Weekends: Happy Birthday Rob!

Weekends: Happy Birthday Rob!

This was such a nice weekend!  Relaxation, errands, fun with friends and a celebration of Rob’s upcoming birthday.

He left early on Saturday morning for a long mountain bike ride in Marin.  I had a lazy morning around the house and eventually motivated to run some errands. Took the car for a long-overdue wash, dropped by the wholesale flower market and picked up groceries. San Francisco now charges for bags, so you have to be sure to bring your own. A very cheery trunk:

Look at these pretty lilacs!

Rob returned from his ride and we had a quiet afternoon.  I arranged the flowers, cleaned house and made chicken soup with farro to stockpile in the freezer in between episodes of The Librarians on Hulu.

Spaghetti dinner before meeting friends at the Ferry Building for a Bike Party test ride. The new animated light installment on the Bay Bridge is so pretty!  Rode a leisurely 18 miles around the city on the tandem bike.

Stayed in bed late again on Sunday. Rob brought me coffee and the paper in bed – my favorite!

At 11:00, Rob and I got out the cruising bikes to enjoy the warm day. We rode through Golden Gate Park all the way to Queen Wilhelmina’s tulip garden.  (a true San Franciscan always brings a scarf and cardigan…no matter how nice the weather!)

Rob and I had a picnic lunch on the sand at Ocean Beach.

Returned home with plenty of time for a relaxing cup of tea before starting to work on dinner plans. Six friends (and two little ones) were coming over to help celebrate Rob’s birthday.  Boiled these fun potatoes and then roasted them with olive oil and pink Hawaiian salt:

Set out nuts and olives while roasting two small pork shoulders.

Margaret decorated this lovely German chocolate cake for Rob while I finished the garlic bread and salad:

How cute is this?!

Great conversation to go with all the food!  We had such a fun meal together. I love the “aftermath” scene from a party like this. So cozy!

The guests left around 9:00, the benefit of an early Sunday supper. Rob and I had a quick time with the dishes and leftovers.

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  1. Anonymous at 10:39 pm

    I love your dining room. A perfect place to linger after a great meal. That tablecloth is perfect.
    Dawn Marie