Wildflowers of Denali National Park

Wildflowers of Denali National Park

A rainy day in Denali National Park doesn’t put a damper on all the lovely Alaskan wildflowers. We had a great time hunting for new varieties on our hikes. This is Dwarf Fireweed, a traditional medicinal plant for treating wounds:

Simple pink flower, complicated name. Eskimo Potato Bear Root (seems to be poisonous):

I think this might be Mountain Hairbell, but the color is super deep blue:

This white blossom is called Labrador Tea, a mild narcotic:

Lapland Rosebay is a mini rhododendron. Each blossom is the size of a penny.

Narcissus Anemone, so pretty and delicate:

Pink Plumes are bright in little patches.

Nootka Lupine grows about four feet tall. A giant version of what we have in California:

I think this is a variety of White Lupine:

Wild Strawberry, I didn’t see any berries though:

I couldn’t identify this flower:

Or this flower, either:

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