What to Wear: Godmother at a Catholic Christening

What to Wear: Godmother at a Catholic Christening

Hannah wrote in with a What to Wear request last week:

I am going to be godmother to one of my best friend’s sons in May in Massachusetts.  It will be a Roman Catholic ceremony and while I’ve certainly been to mass plenty of times I’ve never been to a Catholic christening.  I’m also at my heaviest weight (size 16) and very top heavy which is making all my recent attempts at shopping a little difficult. Any ideas? 

I love your what to wear column and find it so helpful and fun to read.  You have great taste!  Thanks! 

My perspective on formal christenings is entirely limited to various royals abroad and their fanciful hats. Unless this Boston baby is a Kennedy, a hat will be too much for the occasion (drats). However, the general thread of a pretty spring dress for a christening works even in the wilds of New England:

Dress – There’s something so romantic about a print dress for spring. This Tiffany blue dress with a bird pattern and covered shoulders comes from the Asos Curves line for $80. Hannah could buy it now to wear for Easter, too. If a v-neck works better with her bust – maybe try this this maroon dress instead.
Coat – This Pendelton coat in a slightly darker shade of teal is on sale and brings a nice formality to the outfit when paired together. She could also pick a bright pink coat to match the bird pattern on the dress. The color will stand out nicely in photos with a baby in a christening gown.
Tights – May in Massachusetts should be in the 50’s to 60’s but – after this winter – who knows.  If it is warmer, go with a pair of nude fishnets. If it is colder, thick black tights still match because the dress pattern includes some black.
Earrings – These pink drops for $30 are so pretty.
Purse – A simple ivory envelope clutch from Asos.
Sunglasses – Love this vintage-styled pair of sunglasses from Forever 21.
Shoes – Sure, a pair of basic black pumps would be fine (and the better choice if you’re wearing black tights). But a pair in bright fuchsia? So fun!

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