Bike to work day

Bike to work day

Jean gave me a hard time at bowling last night because I didn’t know that Bike to Work Day was coming up. She promised mobs of happy riders and, most importantly, snacks. I totally fell for the promise of snacks. I feel just like the Herdmans in The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.

So Rob and I rode our tandem bike to work this morning…on the deserted, cold streets of SF. Not only were there not more bikes out today, there were actually fewer than normal. And the snacks? There were no snacks. But it’s not a total wash just yet. If I play my cards right, I may be able to swing by Duboce and Market for a few treats after work. Happy Bike to Work Day!

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  1. MissScientistSF at 4:21 pm

    Ya.. I was kinda dissapointed too. Lots of bikes, but no snacks!! And an overabundance of run over pigeons.. did you notice that too? sorry 🙁
    some crazy lady on 14th and folsom cheered me on.. that kinda made it worth it. and not taking the bus is always awesome.

  2. mrsem Author at 4:33 pm

    Smashed pigeons? No more than usual. I like riding to work, but it feels a little weird on the tandem. A bicycle built for two is more appropriate for the weekends.