To Do: North Carolina

To Do: North Carolina

Rob and I are headed to North Carolina this week for Jean’s PhD graduation. With their move back to California in the summer, this could be our last time to ever visit the state. That means…I need to go to Replacements!

A warehouse the size of 7 football fields full of 360,000 china patterns. Plus, silver, glass and crystal. It is heaven

Along with visiting Jean and going to Replacements, I’m looking forward to fried pickle chips, chicken biscuits and spiked Arnold Palmers made with sweet tea vodka. Back on Monday!

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  1. Anonymous at 11:18 am

    Big congratulations to your sister! What an accomplishment!!!


  2. Susie at 1:49 pm

    I've ordered from "Replacements" before. Seeing their warehouse in person would be impressive!

  3. TelePak at 3:17 am

    I like that it's arranged by color. I'd love to see that place someday though i'm pretty sure it would be a big threat to my wallet.