Shopping challenge: Party skirts

Shopping challenge: Party skirts

Why don’t fashion designers understand that women like wearing pouffy skirts? How many summer seasons of peasants and a-lines have to pass before designers translate that popularity into holiday wear.

Case in point: Jean has envisioned the perfect black circle skirt for her holiday party needs. But can she buy one? Nope….none to be found just yet. Here are a few leads that come close.

Anthropologie Snowflake Skirt – This comes in a nice fabric but it’s not quite full enough and its a little too….well, Anthropologie. If I wanted to look like a French maiden I certainly could do it for less than $138.

DKNY Circle Skirt – I LOVE this skirt but it’s more “exploring Italian plazas” than “attending holiday parties.” Le sigh!

La Redoute Silk Skirt – The color and fabric are dead on but the cut is a bit off. Can’t beat the price though.

BlueFly Marina Skirt – I love formal wear with pockets! Maybe it’s the PR girl inside me, but it just makes such good sense! Now if I only knew what size “T2” stood for?

Target Tulle Skirt – Isaac at Target is a good thing. But wearing Isaac from Target in public is a little too public of a discount shopping experience for me. Plus, this looks like something I would have worn to ballet class when I was eight.

Banana Republic Full Skirt – This is probably the most basic choice for Jean’s holiday outfit. The skirt is pretty reasonable and would look nice paired with a simple black or white top.

Marc Jacobs Skirt – This is an investment piece that could be dolled up for a holiday party but still worn all year round. I have a hard time thinking of something that would look bad with this skirt.

Oh well! If none of these work out, Jean and I will just have to open a store called “Pouffy Skirts R’Us.” We’ll make a million dollars filling this untapped need!

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