Hostess: Brunch party!

Hostess: Brunch party!

I bought a set of ten linen napkins from Nordstrom last weekend on the vow (to myself) that I would throw a dinner party soon. Sure, I already have more than a few sets of napkins…but these were so cute with an orange and white Moroccan pattern! Time to get to entertaining!

I’ve had the idea of throwing an “evening brunch” for a few weeks now. With it not getting dark until around nine, these summer evenings would be the perfect time for mimosas and a casual feast!

A few mini bagels with cream cheese and smoked salmon would be a perfect starter. Follow that with blueberry coconut pancakes, sausage, bacon, green salad and fruit salad. Yum! I am getting hungry already! Who wants to come over on Friday night?!

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  1. MissScientistSF at 6:40 pm

    Me me me.. and Trent. If it is after swim lesssons.. soo like 8pm? Or we could just arrive then.. you can come whenever. Well.. I guess you will already be there, huh.

  2. Anonymous at 7:22 pm

    you can’t have it friday…i am going to be out of town. how about when i come visit in a couple weeks. please…….. it sounds too yummy.


  3. mrsem Author at 7:37 pm

    Jean: 8:00 sounds good. Sarah and Charlie are going to be visiting. We’ll stick to appetizer until you arrive.

    Nicole: We can have this party again in a few weeks when you are here!

  4. Sara at 9:02 pm

    Aw man, can I come with “The Husband”? I guess its kind of far to go for a dinner party, but it sounds like fun. 🙂