My name is Emily, I may have OCD

My name is Emily, I may have OCD

Wow! I have been amazingly fidgety this week. It started on Tuesday when I prepared for the LAC party by obsessively walking around the house and arranging things at 90 degree angles.

Here are some other bad signs:

  • The day before visiting a new restaurant, I go online and look at the menu. I like to pick out what I’ll order in advance. Does anyone else do this?
  • My obsession with punctuality has reached new heights. I will show up an hour early just to avoid being late.
  • I freaked out a bit about how gross it was for this guy to eat chips and salsa on the bus. Never mind that there were several transvestites and druggies on the bus, I was concerned about the salsa only.

Despite all these OCD tendencies, I have still been a major scatterbrain this week. I think it’s the heat playing with my head. Last night, I completely forgot to prepare for a breakfast business meeting today and nearly skipped getting cash for the housekeeper again. Hopefully, going on vacation this weekend will help me chill out a bit!

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