Restaurant review: Asia SF

Restaurant review: Asia SF

Nicole is moving to Salt Lake City this week. She’s recently found an exciting new job in Utah after having lived in San Francisco for a little less than a year. She’s the blond in the grey top in the photo. For her going away party, I booked a reservation for eight at Asia SF. This restaurant features gender-illusionist dancers and Asian-fusion cuisine! How much more San Francisco can you get!

The crowd was 99% out-of-state tourists and bachelorette parties which was fun and the food was pretty tasty. The drinks were weak (which I like) and expensive (which I don’t like). The dancers on our night were quite good and much more attractive than the ladies pictured on the website. Overall, it was a fun adventure. I don’t know if I’d go back again, but it was a perfect place for this particular event.

PS: I really enjoy transvestites. They take being a woman very seriously, which is something I wholeheartedly support.

PPS: Nicole asked about the girl sitting at the end of the table on the right. “She looks like Nicole Richie.” That’s one of the performers!

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