Shopping challenge: Sara’s Living Room

Shopping challenge: Sara’s Living Room

Our friend Sara in Europe wrote in with a request for help finding a place to put photos in her living room and maybe a rug too. I love to help!

I suggest staring by putting a skinny “entrance” table along the back window. I chose this table is from Ikea for $179.00 because it was inexpensive and likely to be available in Europe. But most furniture stores carry some option. I recommend staining it a blue color and topping it with photos and maybe some vases. Sarah can also put some framed photos on top of that bookcase to make her ceilings look even taller.

For the rug, I choose this cool paisley option from Anthropologie. Any blue rug with a lot of colors would look good in this space. And I also “painted” the rice paper light fixture blue. I’m not sure if this is an option but it would be easy to do using some watercolors.

On the other side of the room, I think you should buy or make a big colorful painting to hang over the sofa and then lean some large framed photos against the wall. You could bring the photos up a bit by putting them on top of a stack of books. (You can never have too many stacks of books according to Domino Magazine).

This was fun! Thanks for the challenge Sara!

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  1. Sara at 6:45 pm

    this is so cool! you rock 🙂

    the rug makes SUCH a difference, i really need to make a decision and pick one up, maybe we will make a trip to habitat this weekend.

    i love the idea of coloring the light fixture, it is just a cheepie we bought from IKEA (apartments here dont even come with light bulbs), so i can give it a try. i think i have a second one around somewhere, i bet a paisly pattern would look cool.

    never though about putting a table there, as that window is really french doors that open inwards, they dont go onto the little balcony (thats the door on the left), there is just a railing outside.
    on the other hand, since we dont have screens we never open them because then too many bugs get it, so maybe it wouldnt be such a loss.

    im open to more suggestions from anyone 🙂 thanks again!!!!

  2. mrsem Author at 7:46 pm

    I like the “Kubo” or “Ebony” tables! And the “Supreme” rug is super cool.

  3. rcpeters at 8:19 pm

    The laptop could also have a screen saver with some pictures. When it’s not put away it it become part of the solution.

    Also keeping with my tradition of driving Emily crazy I would lean a really really big picture against the tall self. Creates a to lazy to be bothered bohemian vibe.