Things I love today: Round photo frames

Things I love today: Round photo frames

I really need to put up more personal photos in our apartment. I have one of Rob in the living room in an antique silver frame and one of me as a baby in the bedroom. We have so many great photos of our friends and families, they need to be displayed somewhere!

I am thinking of hanging a bunch of framed pictures in the front hallway. I would love to get some of these cute round frames to break up the rectangles:

  • Millefiori frame – I think my mom has one like this? I love the photo of the baby that comes with it, I might just leave it in there. There is another one like this on ebay.
  • Mexican tin frame – How cute is this one! It would be a great counterbalance to a bunch of modern black frames.
  • Silver frame – Traditional and nice.
  • Wood inlay frame – This French antique version is gorgeous!

These frames are hard to find! I’ll have to keep an eye out for them in local antique stores.

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  1. Sara at 10:01 am

    do you have an idea for displaying pictures without hanging?

    we have a ton of wall space in our living room, including a part next to the couch that has empty floor space, and no pics of families up.

    i was thinking i could put up some long floating shelves and rest the picture frames on them (ala pottery barn catalouge), but its such a pain to mount things on that wall, its concrete covered with a thin layer of drywall, so i have to borrow the giant drill from work to drill major holes in it. its covered with white textured wall paper, i dont know if the sticky hooks would be strong enough for frames on their own.

    anyway, long story short, any good shelve/table ideas? i love that lucite table jordan posted the other day, but not sure if i can find it here. or should we suck it up and install 2 long shelves and lay the frames on those?

  2. mrsem Author at 4:09 pm

    Our apartment has picture rail molding in every room, so we just hang the photos from those with a hook and clear fishing wire.

    Other options include putting up a cluster of small frames with the sticky hooks or resting big frames against the wall on the ground. I have some art leaning on the wall in the living room.

    The shelves sound like a good idea to me if you are planning on staying in the apartment for a long time. If not, try something else. I love just taping up a bunch of my favorite photos, postcards, etc inside of a closet door.

  3. Sara at 5:00 pm

    our goal is 2 years, prior to this 1 year has been our record but we are tired of moving 🙂

    maybe a huge frame i could rest on the ground, or maybe a console table next to the couch?

    i took some pictures of the living room, its just so empty and long. there is that place next to the couch you can see. i guess i really should get with it on the rugs, i wish we had wood floors, for some reason in new french apartments they like putting down tile in the living room, which seems so industrial to me along with the white walls 🙁

    The whole room