Weekend Round-Up: Cakes and crafts

Weekend Round-Up: Cakes and crafts

My girly weekend was a big success! On Friday night, I went to the store to buy supplies for my baking adventure. Full disclosure: I was standing in front of the flour section at Safeway for about ten minutes before deciding to be a big wussie and use spice cake mix instead! I still made everything else from scratch, including the cream cheese frosting. I had never made frosting from scratch before so this was an adventure! As soon as I finished taking pictures of the final results, I cut myself a huge slice. Sooo good!

Nicole came over from Napa on Saturday for a visit. We first stopped by Flax to pick out a wedding album. I decided on a lovely white silk album with a shell closure for Paul and Celeste. We dropped our packages at home and took the n-train up to Parnassus for Feria Urbana. I picked out some cute things, we visited City Shoes and had a big lunch at a burger place. I forced a big slice of cake on Nicole when we returned home and she retaliated by forcing me to look up old high school classmates on MySpace. After resting for a while we walked down to Valencia Street and did a little hipster shopping. Nicole left for home around 9pm after a sushi dinner.

I spent all Sunday morning in bed with the New York Times and a latte. What luxury! Did anyone else think that the new perfume column, Scent Strip, would include scratch and sniff? Or was that my own personal delusion? Trent called at 11:00 to invite me to lunch with his parents. We walked to the library together and had a lovely lunch at a sushi place on Church Street. Tea and cake (of course!) at my apartment before his parents went back to helping him clean the apartment.

Rob came home from Yosemite around five on Sunday and we spent the evening at home eating salad (and cake!) and putting together the wedding album. Trent came over after dinner for one last visit. He’s leaving on the midnight plane to North Carolina tonight! How sad! It’s the end of an era for us here in San Francisco! How was your weekend?

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