Party Round-up

Party Round-up

The LAC anniversary party went off without a hitch on Friday night! Nicole arrived in the city at 5:00 and we quickly got started on all the last minute preparations. We set the table with flowers, paint supplies and picture frames:

The last batch of appetizers were just coming out of the oven when the first guests rang the buzzer. I think the final count was about 12 altogether, minus a few last minute cancellations. We had more than enough food, plenty of drinks and lots to talk about! Here’s the final table:

The picture frame painting started at about 9:00. Azla made one for her dog’s photo, Nicole painted one for her boyfriend, several people made liberal use of the glitter:

Things started to wind down at around 10:30. It seemed to go by so quickly! Rob returned from his night out with Matt and we sat around eating the last bits of food from the trays. The last guest left at 11:30 and we all crashed into bed.

Overall it was a great party! The guests seemed to get along really well and had fun painting their picture frames. I definitely made too much food…but worse things certainly could have happened. I’m still enjoying the flower arrangements and leftovers this week.

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  1. mrsem Author at 8:07 pm

    Aww thanks! I’m glad you could come to the party! And thank you for introducing us to Azla, she’s great!