Weekend Round-up: Illustrated Version

Weekend Round-up: Illustrated Version

Oops! I left my camera battery at work on Friday. No photos from this super fun weekend, so I drew up some quick sketches for you instead. I hope you don’t mind!

On Friday night Rob and I met up with Jordan and Paul for a night of opera under the stars. Rob packed a tarp, two air mattresses, a blanket, a sleeping bag and a propane heater. I was equally prepared with a full set of long underwear underneath all my layers. Fortunately, it was much warmer than last time and we didn’t end up needing half of what we brought. It was a fantastic night in San Francisco:

Saturday was bright, sunny and warm. Rob and I picked up Matt at 10 am for a trip to the archery fields. It took me a few rounds to get used to my new bow but eventually I caught up with the boys. Rob ordered me a fancy wood target bow to replace this plastic set-up in a few weeks.

At 12:30 it was time to head over to Russian Hill to watch Fleet Week from the roof of Matt and Amber’s apartment building. Located on the corner of Polk and Lombard, their apartment has an amazing view of the bay. It also has the unexpected benefit of being right under the flight path for these navy jets. A few of the blue angels buzzed the roof as little as 200 feet above us. Very scary! Almost every single roof in the area was covered with spectators.

Once the shows were over, we watched Thank You For Smoking (well…Amber and I both fell asleep as soon as it started). Now time for dinner, we all walked over to Hayes street for a delicious sushi dinner at a tiny restaurant called Sushi Groove. It was so fun to see the trolley go by loaded with sailors while we ate. And the food was delicious! After dinner we waited for the scheduled fireworks show, but it never happened. When we finally made it back home at 11 Rob said “I can’t believe this weekend is only half over!”

Sunday was amazingly even sunnier and warmer than Saturday. Rob and I spent the morning reading the New York Times and picking up the house. By noon it was getting too warm to be inside. So we drove out to Baker Beach with the top down on the convertible. The beach was surprisingly empty given just how wonderful the weather was. Rob and I had lunch, read and stayed at the beach for two hours. It was soo relaxing, I felt just like I was on vacation in Montecito:

Later that evening, we headed downtown to the “apocalypse mall” to redeem our movie re-entry tickets from last week’s blackout debacle. We decided to watch The Departed and bought some cheesecake from the basement store to take with us. The movie was very good but also very gory. I spent most of it like this:

I can’t believe we managed to fit all this in to just two days. It feels like I’ve been on vacation for a week. What a fun weekend!

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  1. Sara at 1:10 pm

    love the illustrations!

    sounds like quite the exciting weekend. i spent mine sleeping on the couch, but it worked and im doing better, we leave for california tomorrow! i will email you about plans.

  2. Katie at 2:59 pm

    Cute pics.

    I went to Montecito for a weekend in May and was SO impressed. If your weekend was like that, you are one lucky girl!