Weekend Round-Up: Celebrations

Weekend Round-Up: Celebrations

What a fun weekend! Rob and I drove down to San Luis Obispo on Friday night, stopping at In-n-Out on our way. The family dog, Penney, greeted us and we tucked in to bed in the guest room pretty early.

On Saturday morning, it was up early to go to farmer’s market, the native plant sale and breakfast at Budget Cafe. This quirky little diner is my parent’s local favorite. Margaret joined us at breakfast and agreed to join me for Liz’s surprise bridal shower later in the day. After a brief stop to test drive a Mini Cooper and buy a present, Margaret and I drove down to Grover Beach for the party:

Liz is getting married in December and is swamped with her final semester of school to become a physician assistant. It was great to see her! And I won one of the shower games. I always get super competitive about those! Next up: Steve and Beth’s wedding reception. Our old next door neighbors were married in August in a small ceremony. They put up a tent in the front yard for the party:

Lots of wine (they both work for wineries), great food (Chef Rick) and great company (Nicole and Dave were down from Napa). It was really strange to see our old tiny apartment again. Steve and Beth are renting our old side of the house as an office addition to their side. We were there for about four hours before my hip started feeling really bad from standing and sitting on folding wood chairs all night. I’m such a granny right now!

After breakfast on Sunday, Dad took us out to Morro Bay for a bit of sailing. It was a gorgeous warm day but with big gusts and strong tides that made boating a real challenge. Rob and I picked up a few skills and we had a big lunch at the Bayside Cafe. I love this photo of my favorite men at the helm:

Next up: Visiting Rob’s sister and her boys! (Is there anyone we didn’t see this weekend?) Solomon, Isaac and Joey are great kids and the baby is super adorable. We played basketball and soccer with them and I got a great birthday present of my favorite See’s Candy treats. Such a cute family!

Rob and I dropped one last wedding present off in Templeton on our way home. We got back to the city in record time and had a delicious dinner of nachos made with Kiki’s chips and Santa Barbara salsa from SLO. I love San Luis Obispo, but it was great to get back home. (Jean, Trent, Sara – Did I mention enough delicious California food to make you crazy?)

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  1. Sara at 5:41 pm

    hahaha, you had me at the first line! after the mention of in n out, i was thinking “boy she is making me want to go to california!”