Inspiration: Charade

Inspiration: Charade

One good thing about being knocked out at home is getting to watch movies all day on the big TV. Yesterday, I watched Love and Death, Borat and Charade. Of all the Audrey Hepburn movies, Charade is really my favorite!

Her 1963 Givenchy wardrobe is absolutely to die for. All those perfectly cut dresses and bright mod coats paired with kitten heels and hats. And that singularly perfect trench paired with beige gloves! Le sigh. Honestly, it makes me want to throw out all my clothes and start over fresh.

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  1. Jessica at 6:03 pm

    I love Charade, but I think Sabrina is probably my fave Audrey flick. I had a secret wish that I could wear her party dress as a wedding gown.

    I LOVE Love & Death! It is definitely in my top 5 list of Woody movies.

  2. Leslie at 6:06 pm

    oh charade is so very good. but i tried to watch it alone at night one time and had to turn it off.
    too scary. 🙂

  3. mrsem Author at 6:18 pm

    Ooo…Sabrina is very good too. I think that gets second place for me 🙂

  4. Katie at 6:35 pm

    I love Charade too! I like the clothes better in Charade than in Breakfast. The first scene of her at the ski resort makes me SO happy. Love the hat and glasses!

  5. love.boxes at 11:15 pm

    Charade is my favorite Audrey movie Tied with How to Steal a Million. Cary Grant is so handsome but Peter O’Toole and his baby blues have something appealing to offer as well.