What to Wear: Graduation

What to Wear: Graduation

All our readers seem to have fun events coming up this summer: weddings, vacations and showers. Tamara has an especially big event ahead. She’s graduating from law school!

This spring I am graduating from law school and graduation attire is causing me huge problems. I need something to wear to the ceremony during the day (in Seattle, the weather should be nice, sixty or seventy and sunny – for once, but the event is at the baseball stadium and dirt and grass are involved in walking) and something for a casual BBQ at night (at my parents, they have a deck with wide holes I tend to fall into and a fire pit).

I would love a top/skirt combo that I could switch just the bottom to jeans/capri’s/whatever for the BBQ. Also, I need an outfit for the ceremony that works with black shoes because my robe is black and I feel like black shoes would probably be the best sticking out the bottom, unless you have something super darling in mind and then I am open to suggestions.

I am 5.5 and a size 4/6, but a tiny bit self conscious so body hugging would freak me out. As for budget, as much as I wish I were on a Jimmy Choo budget, I have to wait until I pass the bar for those so…some constraint is great but, I am also attending 7 weddings this summer so, if the outfit is a tiny bit workable for at least one wedding I can definitely convince my husband that this is a worthwhile graduation gift!

Graduating is so fun! You get to wear a cap and gown and celebrate with all your friend and family. Here’s my recommendation for Tamara:

Sweater– For that perfect coastal weather I know so well. I just bought this cashmere sweater in black on sale. Very cute and something you can wear to the office later!
Shirt – Something about wearing a graduation gown without a collared shirt has always weirded me out.
Skirt – This skirt is pretty, professional enough for a lawyer but fun enough to pair with a different top for a summer wedding.
Shoes – These wedges are adorable in person. My sister has them in white. Red works for this outfit but Nordstrom stores have a wider variety of colors than the online store if you want something else.
Jeans – For hanging out with your family around the fire.
Earrings – A graduation present to yourself!
Headband – Your hair might be kind of wrecked after wearing the graduation cap.

Congratulations Tamara!

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  1. MissScientistSF at 8:35 pm

    I do have to say those shoes are some of my favorite. And I remember being quite relucant to buy them, something about needing to save money for a huge move across the country or something, but I am quite glad I got them. They give you a great height but are super comfortable and the wedge is essential in rough terrain! Best of luck and congrats on graduating!

  2. Tammy at 6:42 am

    Thanks Emily!! Everything is darling – and lucky me an Anthropologie is practically right next to school so I have a perfect study break! Thank you again